Bangkok Seashell Museum

The Bangkok Seashell Museum has one of the worst websites you will ever encounter in your online life. It takes ages to load, the background image is too short, the language option is inexplicably in the bottom right corner and the internal scroll is unnecessary. Luckily the museum itself is not half as infuriating; indeed it is vaguely interesting. I enjoyed strolling around for 30 minutes looking at seashells.

The museum contains over 6,000 seashells from 624 different species. As you would imagine every colour is represented. The variety of patterns is mind-boggling. Nature is indeed more creative than man.

The collection includes fossils, snail shells, pectens as well as masses of seashells that you might find at the beach.

The collection is cleverly displayed to show the artistic beauty of the shells as well as the natural history and science revealed by the shells. After touring the collection there is the gift shop to explore. It has some beautiful pieces that will make you think about souvenir shopping for friends and family back home.

As well as the collection and the gift shop there is a TV with a video explaining more about seashells. This combined with other notices in English helps you learn more about sea shells.

The museum covers three floors, takes 30 minutes to see and costs 200 Thai Baht.

The museum will never be a must-go attraction, but it is conveniently near a BTS stop, Lebua Tower, Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple and the Bangkokian Museum and can be part of a pleasurable sightseeing tour of Silom.


You might imagine that a seashell museum would be underwhelming. I think it is for this reason that people have given the place good reviews – it is not as dull or unentertaining as expected. In other words, people are pleasantly surprised.