Jim Thompson Empire in Silom

There are two establishments close to each other in Silom all flying the Jim Thompson flag. This post will briefly look at what these businesses have to offer as well as give a bit of background about the historical figure called Jim Thompson. Let’s tackle the man first. Jim Thompson was an educated American who […]

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Chamchuri Square

Chamchurri Square is the tallest building in Silom and the 38th tallest building in Thailand (as of 2009 according to Wikipedia). It is a high-rise building that consists of commercial office space, residential space and a shopping mall. The high-rise building sets the tone for the Silom skyline and makes a good landmark for a […]

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Lesbian Bars in Silom

Silom, and in particular Patpong, has become the unofficial home of the gay community in Bangkok as well as a the original red light district in the capital. While the Patpong red light district grabs the attention of the night market shoppers and sex tourists, few (straight) people notice the thriving gay scene just two […]

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Silom Thai Cooking School

The leading activity in Silom according to Trip Advisor is Silom Thai Cooking School. While you might disagree with how Trip Advisor arrives at such subjective conclusions, it is worth pointing out that a few hours at Silom Thai Cooking School learning how to cook your favourite Thai dishes is a pleasant way to spend […]

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Silom night market

Silom Night Market

The video above is made by the Tourist Board of Thailand. I have chosen it not for the commentary but for the detailed shots it gives of Silom Night Market. Silom Night Market opens at ‘around afternoon’ and closes at 2am. It is located next to Saladaeng BTS station along the main road. It is […]

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Brief History of Silom

Silom in Thai means ‘windmill’. This gives you a clue to the humble origins of an area in Bangkok that is now the financial heart of Thailand. In the Nineteenth Century Bangkok was growing rich from trading with European merchants. As a result the Chaophraya River and the klongs or canals were the main places […]

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Guide to Gay Silom

While Thailand is generally regarded as a Buddhist and conservative country that frowns on such exhibitions of personal freedom such as topless sunbathing and men parading around off the beach in tight speedos there is a certain unofficial tolerance for the gay and lesbian community. The term ‘katoey’ is used to cover a whole range […]

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Silom Complex Website

The website for the Silom Complex is fairly well-executed and has an attractive design motif of many dashes of colour to brighten up the long lists. However, the website falls down when it comes to new updates. Out of the hundred or so stores in the shopping centre only one has taken advantage of the […]

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