Neilson Hays Library

Neilson Hays Library has over 20,000 books available for borrowing. The story of the library is integral to the history of Europeans in Thailand. The collection is housed in one of the most impressive buildings in Silom. The library also has a library, art gallery and event space. Whether you are living in Bangkok and […]

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Bangkok Seashell Museum

The Bangkok Seashell Museum has one of the worst websites you will ever encounter in your online life. It takes ages to load, the background image is too short, the language option is inexplicably in the bottom right corner and the internal scroll is unnecessary. Luckily the museum itself is not half as infuriating; indeed […]

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Thavibu Gallery

Thavibu Gallery is the perfect place to head if you are tired of seeing paintings of Buddha or elephant carvings. The gallery showcases the emerging modern art scene in Thailand. It features up and coming artists from not only Thailand but also Myanmar and Vietnam. The exhibitions give a real insight into the current state […]

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