Chamchuri Square


Chamchurri Square is the tallest building in Silom and the 38th tallest building in Thailand (as of 2009 according to Wikipedia). It is a high-rise building that consists of commercial office space, residential space and a shopping mall. The high-rise building sets the tone for the Silom skyline and makes a good landmark for a meeting place.

The building was started in 1994 and work halted in 1996. Construction re-started in 2005 and the building was completed in 2008. The building is currently owned by Chulalongkorn University. It consists of a forty-storey office building, a twenty-three storey luxury apartment building, a four-storey connecting atrium (Chamchuri Square). This atrium section is bizarrely described as an ‘Edutainment Gateway’ consisting of over 22,000 square meters of retail space. The theme for the retail area is, I think, education and entertainment. The result is a big book store (owned by Chulalongkorn University), restaurants, other book stores, beauty shops, and education service centres. The National Science Museum exhibits here and there is also an event space for hire.

Shops of possible interest include Dance Me Up (school for performing arts), Fight Me Up (martial arts dojo), a post office and Boots. You will find lots of banks and Japanese restaurants here. The shopping mall is a pleasant, clean and air-con space that makes a good place to get in out of the heat of the day and find something to eat and drink. You might also find a book for the beach. If you have children the science museum section might provide some ‘edutainment’ for young minds.

The largest occupier of the commercial office space is DTAC, the second largest mobile phone services provider in Thailand.

For those curious, the residential apartments are very stylish. They are for sale on 30 year leases. Residents have access to a gym and swimming pool.

Chamchuri Building and Chamchuri Square is something of a flagship development for Thailand. It is a cutting edge building that represents the future for Thailand minus, I hope, edutainment.

Address: 319 Phaya Thai Road, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, Thailand