Convent Road

Convent Road is a reminder that Thailand is not simply a Buddhist country. This road is the home to Christ Church and St Joseph’s Convent. It remains an important area for Thailand’s small but influential Catholic community. Convent Road also has a few good eating and drinking options.

The road is dominated by tall leafy trees, a quiet atmosphere and religious buildings. Convent Road is a good place to stroll if you need to escape the crowds of Silom Road.

The Catholic Church in Thailand, as in several other countries, provides the best schooling. St Joseph’s Convent School was founded in 1904 by Mere Saint-Xavier. The large and prominent Trinity Hall was built in 1987. It functions as the school’s main hall. The names of Thai people who have attended this school reads as a who’s who for Thailand.

The road gets busier around lunch time as there are a number of good restaurants and street side stalls selling cheap eats for office workers and other passing trade.

Notable places to eat in Convent Road are Naj and Bua. Both have excellent Thai food. Bua is cheaper. It is part of a chain that does surprisingly authentic Thai food. Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine is a small-ish fine dining establishment. Similar to Bua is Banana Leaf that does Thai food in a sterile environment typical of fast food chains.

Those looking for something different to Thai food there is Zen. They have a range of donburi dishes (rice with a topping) as well as Japanese style set menus.

For those with a thirst there is the perennially popular Molly Malone’s Irish Pub. It has a large selection of draught beers including Guinness. There is also plenty of pub grub options including Sunday roast and pie and chips.

Another bar is outside Swiss Lodge. It is the attached Swiss Cafe. It has a happy hour from 4 to 7pm and serves European and Thai food as well as fondue sets.

Finally, one of the branches of Milk Solid is on Convent Road. They make delicious ice cream the quick way. Namely, by using liquid nitrogen stored at -320 ⁰F

Convent Road is not a party street or a shopping street, but it does have places of interest to look at, most notably the church. It is a pleasant part of Silom and a good spot to head for lunch. And for those missing back home there is the comfort food and drink of Molly Malone’s Irish Bar.