Guide to Patpong Go Go Bars

Patpong is the original go go bar area of Bangkok. It is the most famous area of Silom despite all the investment put into Silom hotels, restaurants, bars and other places. It remains a big draw card for the area. While many people visit Patpong to see a show, the area provides a full range of ‘adult’ services.

Below is a list of the main bars in the red light district. The red light area is concentrated along two interconnecting streets – Patpong Soi 1 and Patpong Soi 2. You can see the location of some of the go go bars in Patpong on the Google map below.

Bada Bing


Bada Bing is a popular spot that is often described as the best go go bar in Patpong. It’s located at the bottom of Patpong 2. It’s open from 8pm to 3am every night. There are two dance floors with girls gyrating next to poles. There are also a number of coyotes to keep guests entertained.

This is a big go go bar that is well organised. You get a receipt after each drink you order so you can keep a tab of how much you have spent. Free entry – this a good place to start if you are new to the go go bar scene in Bangkok, as it is comparatively hassle free.

On Sundays and Mondays Bada Bing often throws theme nights such as doctors and nurses. All good fun and not intended to be serious or more salacious than usual.

King’s Castle II


King’s Castle II is part of the chain of go go bars in the area that includes King’s Castle I and King’s Castle III. This is a small go go bar. Intimate for some, cramped for others. It has been noted that the girls are better looking at King’s Castle II than at other similar establishments.

King’s Castle I


King’s Castle I is owned by the King Group that own several of the other go go bars in Patpong. This is a medium-sized bar with dance floor in the centre. The girls dance and are open to offers pending the payment of a bar fine.

Black Pagoda


Black Pagoda advertises itself as a ‘nightclub’ rather than a bar. There are VIP areas, dance floor for punters and pool tables.

The nightclub is located over Foodland on Patpong 2. The bar is open from 7pm to 3am. There is a dress code – they don’t want flip flops and shorts; so make a bit of an effort if you want t go to this go go joint. For those concerned that Black Pagoda is more about music than sex, don’t worry – scratch below the surface and you will find BP is just as sordid as the other bars on the strip.

The Pink Panther


Pink Panther is a bar with a series of small round tables where the girls dance for small groups of customers.

This bar sticks to the prices on the drinks menu. They also screen live sports on TV. And bizarrely enough, they have a muay Thai ring. They have a fight every night that starts at 11pm.

On Fridays and Saturdays Pink Panther throws a DJ event so the punters can dance as well as watch the ‘dancing’.

King’s Corner


King’s Corner is one of the original go go bars in Bangkok. It has a dance podium that can hold 14 girls. This is a popular bar that often gets full with ‘tourists’. Often the Japanese clientele are escorted to their own section of the bar.

There are a lot of ladyboys working in this bar. After their show they walk around looking for punters to buy them a drink. It is OK to say ‘no, thanks’; but not OK to be rude. For those looking to try the wares on display, the gender of the ‘girl’ in question should be ascertained to avoid embarrassment later on.

This can be made slightly difficult by the loud music. Indeed loud music is compulsory for all the bars in go go bars in Patpong it seems.

Queen’s Castle


Queen’s Castle is one of the spots where you can catch a ‘ping pong show’. There is no entrance fee, but the drink prices are fairly steep. Make sure you get a receipt after each drink so you have proof of your final bill.

While ping pong balls are entertaining and not damaging to the girls, the razor blade trick is not only degrading but dangerous for the girls performing the stunt. Look carefully at the concentration on the girl’s faces when doing this trick. You might just leave the bar deciding that ping pong shows are beyond the pale.

Pussy Collection


Pussy Collection is a long-running Patpong go go bar. The name says it all really. This is a place for ‘real’ pussy as opposed to transgender pussy.

The general consensus is that Pussy Collection has seen better days, and better collections of girls are to be found at other Patpong go go establishments.

Kangeroo Club


Kangeroo Club is described as a ‘cozy little blow job club’. That sums it up really. Men come in for cold beers and if the urge takes them they can nip away from the bar for a quick blowie.

The service is offered as soon as you walk up the stairs to the bar. You can get a drink first or go straight into the action either discreetly or at the bar watching the porn movie on the bar TV.

You might take issue that Kangeroo Club offers the ‘best blowjob in Bangkok’. It is a very subjective thing!

The Strip


The Strip is a small go go bar that claims to be unique in having 4 private booths for those who want lap dances. There is also a main stage with the obligatory chrome poles. The girls are cute and speak a little bit of English. The management promise that the dancers are approachable by guests.

Most weekends they have a theme night to keep the clientèle happy. The Strip has various drink deals and Happy Hours. There are also bar fine promotions.


Safari is along running Patpong establishment. It is no longer a go go bar. Instead it has a group of ‘hostess’ girls that sit and chat with customers with a possible view of striking up a deal for extra services.

This bar is rarely visited by tourists but remains popular with ex-pats. The drinks are reasonably priced and the DJ is famous for playing vinyl from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. For those looking for a less ‘in your face’ experience or just even an innocent drink, Safari is a great spot.

Words of Warning

There are lots of touts still working the two infamous sois. They will claim that they can get you into a show for free. They speak fast and disorientate you. They escort you to some out of the way spot where often just one girl is putting on a show. They will over-charge for drinks and often won’t let you out until you have paid a fee in the region of 1,000 or 2,000 Thai Baht. Avoid these con men. Stick to the main bars on the drag. They have signs outside saying if the shows are fee or not. Moreover, you should get a receipt after every drink you order. If you don’t then pay and leave.

Lady Drinks

The girls will push for you to buy them a lady drink. These drinks are more sugar than alcohol and will cost more than the beer you are drinking. The girls get small commissions for getting the punters to buy them such drinks.

You are not obliged to buy lady drinks and have every right to say no. However, the girls make their own deals with the punters (you pay the bar a ‘bar fine’), and at least one lady drink can help make negotiations run smoothly.

Lady Boys

Lady boys work at King’s Castle I & II. King’s Castle One is commonly believed to have the biggest selection of post-op transgender pros in Bangkok. If trans is not your scene avoid these 2 bars; and, whatever the bar watch out for Adam’s apples, man hands and ‘tall’ ladies. The voice also gives the game away. If in doubt ask.


If you don’t like smoky bars then you are out of luck. The no smoking signs everywhere are just for decoration. You might find non-smoking sections if you search.

Odd how some men will get almost morally indignant with indoor smokers and yet find nothing morally reprehensible in visiting a go go bar, ping pong show or blow job bar. That’s relativism for you!

Guest Friendly Hotels

A guest friendly hotel is one that doesn’t charge extra for men to bring home girls of night to their hotel room. Other hotels have a no guest policy or they charge a supplement for extra guests staying the night. For those intending to bring back a sex worker or gay lover to their room it is a good idea to use a hotel with a guest friendly policy. You can check our list of guest friendly hotels near Patpong here and book online.