Moon Bar at Banyan Tree

The Moon Bar on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel is an iconic rooftop bar in Bangkok and is rivalled only by the Sky Bar at Lebua Tower. Blog posts endlessly debate which of the two is the best bar. For those who don’t mind heights and 5 star prices it is great to have the choice.

The rooftop at Banyan Tree is shared between the Vertigo Grill Restaurant and the Moon Bar. The roof is shaped like a ship. The stern and mid-ships is devoted to the restaurant and the bow (front) of the boat is given over to the bar.

It is a square bar. It is a simple set up with bar stools around the bar. At either side of the bar there are niches with tables and chairs. In front of the bar are high stools with a long table.

You get the very clear feeling of being on a vessel floating through the skyline of Silom. There is little between you and the vertiginous view. The view in a way makes gimmicks such as colour changing bar surfaces irrelevant.

The Banyan Tree Hotel is on the large and busy Sathon Road not far from both Lumpini Park and downtown Silom. You go through the impressive lobby to the elevators that take you to the 60th floor. You arrive at Bai Yun Restaurant (Chinese food). Walk past the restaurant to the stairs leading to the roof top. Be prepared – you arrive at the very top with no sense of walls to enclose (or protect you). Naturally, there are railings but the sense of freedom; of being at the top of the world is palpable. It is probably the exposed nature of the bar and restaurant that has dictated the rule that the bar and restaurant are only open during good weather.

Moon Bar is open from 5pm to 1am daily. Vertigo is open from 6pm to 11pm. Smart casual attire is requested.

Address: 21/100 Banyan Tree Hotel, South Sathon Road, Sathon, 10120, Thailand