Review of the Smokin’ Pug BBQ and Blues Bar

The Smoking Pug is a recently opened barbeque restaurant. It opened in 2015. Since then it has built up a solid reputation for its food, music and ambience. The owners have successfully recreated an American joint that focuses on sticky barbecue ribs and blues music.

Smokin’ Pug BBQ and Blues Bar, to give the place its full title, is a small restaurant just 3-minutes walk from the infamous Patpong Night Market. They are next to the Tawana Hotel.

The first thing to mention is that the restaurant gets very busy, especially at the weekends. It is a small bar and restaurant with an upper mezzanine floor with further seating for 12 people. Most people email to reserve a table. You can also telephone between 11am and 4pm to book a table. If you do attempt a walk-in you can often get a seat at the bar and have a few drinks while waiting for a table. The Smoking Pug also do take outs but they need prior notice and if its busy they can’t guarantee they will have the take-out food ready on time.

The two owners Danny and Danna are American who made it out of the states to teach in China and then to start a business in Bangkok. They have a passion for American style BBQ and have quickly flown up the TripAdvisor rankings. They have been astute in their business practice. They have also named their child ‘Greyson’. Some cultural things remain unfathomable to me, but I do enjoy a home smoked bit of BBQ pork.


The menu also includes smoked chicken wings, smoky quesdillas, pulled pork sandwich, beef bisket sandwich and Memphis pulled pork tacos. The quality of the smoked BBQ is excellent and the portions are large. Both these things go a long way to justifying the slightly dear prices. This food sticks to your insides and will leave you feeling pleasantly full.

While you wine and dine the preferred music of choice is southern blues. It is good background music for the restaurant. The volume is kept respectfully low to allow for conversation to run freely.

The restaurant allows children but does warn that the mezzanine can be dangerous for children and that they don’t provide baby chairs, sipping cups or diaper changing area. Perhaps the arrival of Greyson might spark a bit more compassion for rib lovers who happen to be blessed with a small child as well.

If you are somewhat jaded with spicy Thai food and want to indulge in smoky slabs of meat then the Smoking Pug BBQ and Blues Bar might be the ideal dining spot for you, but think about reserving a table!

Credit cards accepted.

Contact Details

Tel: 66-83-029-7598


88 Thanon Surawong
Si Phraya, Bang Rak
Bangkok 10500