Staying in Patpong

Welcome to Patpong

There are several good hotels near Patpong Night Market and near Patpong 1 and 2 where many of the area’s go go bars are located. There are budget, mid-range and luxury hotels all near Patpong. All budgets are catered for.

Most of the hotels near Patpong are located on the Surawongse Road and Silom Road. Don’t fret that you can’t find hotels on Patpong 1 and 2 as it is a small area and you can find hotels literally 5 minutes’ walk from the red light district. Even bored and walk-shy girls bar fined can manage 5 minutes walk!

You can get a decent room in Patpong for around 1,500 Thai Baht a night. If you spend a couple of hundred Baht more you can get a hotel with more facilities such as a pool and fitness centre. Slightly more expensive hotel rooms also have a better choice of TV channels.

Although most hotels have their own bar and restaurant it is likely that outside of breakfast most people will be keen to try the numerous places nearby for food and entertainment.

If you are on a strict budget and a single male looking to try the girl scene you should check beforehand if your hotel is ‘guest friendly’. It can be a nasty surprise to be billed an extra 1,000 Thai Baht for the girl you had in your room the previous night (even if it was just for 30 minutes!).

For a list of guest friendly hotels in Patpong click here

If you do choose a hotel without a guest friendly policy you are of course less likely to see prostitutes hanging around the hotel. Moreover, numerous massage parlours have pretty girls keen to provide sexual services as well as massages. These are done in house. So you can have your cake and eat it.

Japan Town

Soi Thaniya 1 and 2 is also known as ‘Japan Town’. Although it doesn’t cater exclusively for Japanese business men, it is the case that the businesses in this area promote themselves exclusively to a male Japanese client base. The girls speak Japanese. The restaurants serve Japanese food and the karaoke bars have lists of painful Japanese pop songs and golden oldies.

It should be mentioned that hotels in this area will also be orientated to a Japanese market. If you are not oriental or even not a man or specifically a business man you might find hotels in this area not really to your liking. However, on the fringe of this area there are a few gay bars and karaoke places. One wonders if secretly many Japanese business men posted in Bangkok indulge closet gay predilections.


Patpong 1 and 2 and the surrounding sois are very safe to walk around at virtually any time day or night. There are always enough tourists and locals around to deter any muggers. Moreover, there is a visible police presence especially at the end of Silom 4, the main gay bar street.

The risks are from the steerers in Patpong preying on naive tourists wanting to see a sex show. Typically, they take tourists to upstairs bars with a some type of sex show. They vanish and the bouncers then charge the tourists a couple of thousand Baht to exit the disappointing show. Best to stick to sex shows that advertise free sex shows on ground floor locations, stick to go go bars or even just avoid the sex industry all together.

Another small risk is from being charged for non-existent drinks at go go bars. Keep an eye on the check bin.


If you stay near Patpong you are well positioned to enjoy the night market and the famous red light district. You are also well served for public transport connections There is the Sala Daeng Sky Train station (BTS) as well as the Silom underground station (MRT) nearby.

There are also several attractions nearby in Silom that make this area a pleasant place to find a hotel. It is not just the nightlife that draws tourists to stay in this area. It is also its convenient location, the restaurants, big hotels, shopping opportunities and cultural attractions that also pull in the guests.