Surawong Road

Surawong Road is an important street in the Silom area of Bangkok. It runs parallel to the north of the Silom Road, stretching from the Sirat Expressway toll road to Rama IV Road. Surawong Road has an interesting collection of shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and places of interest. There is the refined, the luxurious and the seedy on one road. It very much epitomises the eclectic nature of the area.

A noteworthy place on Surawong Road is the Neilson Hays Library.  It is at the heart of the ex-pat community with over 20,000 English language books on its shelves. It has a cafe, art gallery and event space. The library has regular children reading groups and other fun stuff for kids.

Both Patpong 1 and Patpong 2 join on to Surawong Road. This means the road gets footfall from all the Bangkok denizens and visitors coming to check out the night market and the ping pong shows. Thaniya Road also joins on to Surawong Road. Hence the gay bars in the video.

There are plenty of restaurants on this road. They include the Smokin’ Pug  (American style BBQ), Sam Poong (Korean BBQ), Ton Kao (Thai cuisine), Scoozi (Italian food), Baruza (flame grilled steaks, seafood and tapas), Ajisen Raman (Japanese noodles), Oasis Lounge (Thai and seafood), Bavana (steaks) and Shakariki Shimizu (Japanese food). As you can gather from the above list restaurateurs consider their main market to be high-end meat and seafood. And perhaps some Japanese food thrown in for the Japanese business men staying in the area.

Those without ethical inhibitions might want to try shark fin soup at Hock Shark Fins Restaurant.

For light snacks try Cafe de Fleurs, Espresso Gallery, Cool Corner Cafe or Bunfe Bakery.

Shops of note on Surawong Road are Erawan Antiques, the Jim Thompson shop that sells home furnishings and Neold Collection that has antiques and offers interior design.

The main hotel on this road is The Meridian Bangkok. Other accommodation options include Glitz and The Tawana Hotel. The Cafe de Arni has a restaurant downstairs and a few rooms on its upper floor. It styles itself as ’boutique’. The Siam Heritage is a medium sized hotel with an impressive frontage.

Those looking for a bar might want to try Koba Beer or Happy Beer Garden – both on Surawong Road. That is about it for bars in Surawong Road as most are huddled around the red light areas of Patpong and Thaniya Road.

Those looking to stroll and see the sights can get something out of Surawong Road. Those keen for a steak can find plenty of options. Those looking for a mid-range hotel should note Surawong Road. Those wanting nightlife need to take a right off the end of Surawong Road and head for Patpong.